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May. 31st, 2006 @ 06:09 pm
It seems like the number of people I strongly dislike is growing every second. It's ridiculous! But the number of people I'm getting to know better is growing too, which is cool because its sort of balancing everything out. But sometimes getting to know people better isn't a good thing... when you're getting to know things about them that make you think of them differently.

May. 9th, 2006 @ 02:48 pm
4 days later...


Apr. 30th, 2006 @ 05:55 pm
what do you do when the douchebag won't even give you enough time to TELL HIM that he's a douchebag??

(thank you charlotte mcgee, for adding that word to my vocabulary)

T Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 11:15 pm
Comment on this entry and I will give you a letter. Write ten words beginning with that letter in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and than pass out letters to those who want to play along.

1. Taxidermy - an extremely disgusting hobby that involves making stuffies out of dead animals.
2. Truck stops - my dining hotspot for every family vacation (god bless Huskys)
3. Turkey dinners - being so full and tired and sick you can't even move
4. Turbulence - getting shaken around while needing to be but you can't cause the seatbelt lights are on
5. Too much money on a pair of shoes - self explanitory (but they're GORGEOUS)
6. Traveling - something everyone in the world except me is interested in
7. Traffic lights - ignored by grumpy middle aged people running you over in the crosswalk when they have a red light
8. Twister - a potentially awkward game
9. Totally Teen Talent - what's my job again?
10. Terrible - the state of the french immersion socials class

Apr. 24th, 2006 @ 09:05 pm
people are scaring me.

everyone's trying to be so skinny and its just getting ridiculous. its not even like, me turning on the tv and being like, "ewwwwwww she's a BONERACK" anymore. its me walking through the hallways and thinking, "i can see your spinal cord jutting out of your back. that's not healthy."

and i'm not saying that i'm 100% happy with my body, but i don't understand why someone would put themselves through so much just to be skinny. and they don't even look good. its just that everyone wants to get the newest perfect body. that's all it is. a trend.

i miss 50s movies where you could watch marilyn monroe strut around and guys would stop in their steps to stare at her. its obviously not cause she was skinny. its cause she had curves and boobs and an ass and an actual body. now i go to the movies and its like, "i haven't eaten since the breakup" and i'm just sitting there thinking, yeah. guys will like you a lot better if you can poke someone's eye out with your shoulder blade.

i just want people to be happy. i wish everyone (myself included) could just shut that little voice inside their head that tells them that they could be skinnier if they tried. that they could be beautiful if they could fit into a smaller size. cause you'll just end up unahppy, frustrated and you'll lose all self confidence. and its confidence that actually make someone beautiful.

so DONT go ano on me, DONT complain about how fat you are and please, stop saying that boneracks are beautiful cause you'll just make you and everyone else feel like crap because they have an actual shape. just be happy.
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» thoughts...
i can't tell whether everything's changing or whether its just me. its not in like, a bad way really, its just that everyone/everything is so different. everyone is like, NEED TO HOOK UP NOW, or... actually no, that's about it. but things seem so different lately.

emily bird is coming back soon (on the 24th) and i'm excited to see her and hear romantic french love tales involving a boy named Armande. she has sucessfully fulfilled every teenage girl's european romance fantasy.

am i a hippie? i've been getting that so much lately its not even funny. i'm totally not though. totally. right.....?

i've realised that i pride myself so much more on little acomplishments than normal ones, like good grades or compliments or whatever.
case in point:

jayne walks down street in baggy tshirt and soccer shorts all sweaty and blotchy and tired.

alistair walks - struts - down same street, army pants at hand.

jayne, instead of doing the whole, i don't see you because i'm too busy staring at the cement thing, strikes up a conversation and makes things not awkward at all.

that is my accomplishment of the week. making a potentially brutally awkward ex boyfriend situation bearable.
» thank you charlotte.
feist is awesome. feist is amazing. feist BLOWS MY MIND. HOMG.

go out and get Let it Die NOW.
» (No Subject)
Such a good week, and I don't fully understand why. Like, Metric was freaking AMAZING, won't even begin to describe it, but that's not even why my week's been so good. I've just loved people this week. And I don't usually like a lot of people at once. I have a short tolerance for a lot of people when I see them too often but this week I just can't seem to get enough of people. And FURTHERMORE, I'm crazy busy and not stressed in any way, which is like, THE best way for Jayne to be. Jayne needs to be busy or she won't be happy.

Things that made this week good:
1) Free ice cream from the nicest skinny boy in the universe
2) Non-stop-my-face-hurts laughing
3) Seeing someone I haven't seen for 2 years and having it not be awkward
4) Walking everywhere
5) The Postal Service
6) Earrings
7) Math (yeah, I hate myself too)
8) Getting out of a potentially dangerous beach fire situation including two creepy men and two teenage girls
9) James Bay at night
10) Getting hella editing madness done
11) Music-writing on command
12) Fitting a blazer, a cardigan, a hoodie, a shirt and a pair of jeans in my purse
13) Becoming better friends with people
14) Bus rides
15) Carrying a guitar
16) Having the best sleep ever on someone else's floor
17) 4 pieces of pizza
18) 2 straight hours of speaking french
19) Sushi
» (No Subject)
yay lumberworld. yay for 80 year old men trying to pick you up at a hardware store unaware that you're actually 65 years younger than they are. yay for thinking its cute when you should actually think its creepy.

pickup line #1

jayne: oh, sorry, that comes to 9.68, not 11.57.

customer: well good, because i need that extra change to take you out to dinner.

pickup line #2

customer with tape measure: how do you measure up?

jayne: pardon me?

customer: so, i'm not so good at using these things. would you like to come over to my place and show me how its done?

pickup line #3

customer: you can sure use that keyboard. feel like giving me a lesson?

hahhahahhahhahhahaha i love how my work days are highlighted by bad pickup lines from really old men.
» (No Subject)
Spring break is killer. It's like this little sampler of summer that's 5x colder and 8x shorter and the whole time you're just whining because its still winter and you want to go to the beach, you want to wear skirts, you want to go swimming, you want to eat ice cream cones, you want to go camping, you want to spend entire weeks downtown.


Even though that's what I'm complaining about the entire time, its exactly what I'm doing. I spent my day downtown with a good half hour lying on the beach. I wore a skirt yesterday and the day before. I can't say I've been swimming or gone camping but they're def on my list of things to do.

The purpose of spring break, other than making us want it to be summer REALLY BADLY, is to see people 24/7. So if I haven't seen you yet, call me, yell at me and lets make plans. NOW.
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